Thursday, July 07, 2005

It's My Blog and I'll Post What I Want To

Since Deadwood is so obviously the best show on television, I will faithfully be recapping that. But because the executives at HBO are sadists who insist on torturing me, new episodes will not be on until next Sping, so obviously, there won't be any posts on this for a while. I know, I'm bummed too. Because I am as tired and worn out as the writers obviously are, I'll also be recapping ER, unless the crapfest gets to much for me and I finally put down the Ho-Ho's and change the channel. Since I also fairly regularly watch Desperate Housewives and the West Wing, don't be surprised if they show up once in a while. I may even throw in an American Chopper or a film review, if I can be bothered to get up off the couch and actually go to the cinema.

Since we are currently in rerun hell and I can't be bothered to re-watch these shows, don't expect much updating until September or even October, as the network executives in their infinite wisdom believe that dragging this crap out until then is the way to create a loyal viewing audience. Yeah, right. I'm really waiting with baited breath to see if Sam's son (or Son of Sam as the case may be)on ER was kidnapped. Yawn.

TVLand is currently rerunning the Brady Bunch and since I can quote each episode verbatim,I just may amuse myself this summer by recapping them. I may also do some NewsRadio eps, seeing as it's my all time fave comedy and the first two seasons are on DVD. Go buy.
Try to contain your enthusiasm.

Feel free to email me with any suggestions or recaps of your own. If I like, I post. Or not, but just in case, thanks for sharing.