Friday, October 12, 2007

Thank You

Well, as the saying goes, all good things ... and really crappy recaps ... must come to an end. After much soul-searching ... and shiraz ... coupled with much pigheadedly petulant preemptive presumptive pretentious pretending The Pretty's damned disappointing dreadful devastating departure definitely delusional dramatic decoy until urged unequivocally unilaterally unforgivably unhappily uncovering grave genuineness Goran's going, generating great grandiose grieving, leaving largely loathsome lamenting losing luscious Luka ... I've regrettably decided to no longer do detailed recaps of ER. As the new season has already begun and the final two episodes of last season still have yet to be crankified, I unfortunately am unable to carry on with them. I had a lot of fun doing this, but no longer have the "free" - in all senses of the word - time to work on them the way that I would like to. Now, of course, if big bucks -- I'm available, Zabel -- or just the opportunity to party with The Pretty, or just have him do my ... hair, would happen to come my way ... Just saying ... Anyway, I will continue to faithfully watch ER, because even if Goran Visnjic is sadly no longer a regular cast member, Maura Tierney still is, and I honestly can't wait to see what she does with what's been planned for Abby both while she's on her own and when Luka does return. As interesting as I think the new character of Moretti, played by the wonderful Stanley "The Tooch" Tucci, is, as glad that I am that the characters of Sam and Morris have become tolerable and sometimes enjoyable to watch, as much as I love Parminder Nagra and Mekhi Phifer, as much as I adore poking fun at Stamos and his McEgo and look forward to the snarkiness that will inevitably flow out of me with the return of Noah Wyle and the McSmirk, they're not what keeps me watching. When Maura Tierney goes, I go.

Because I'm sure that I won't be able to help myself and will just have to comment on certain scenes -- Like Luka's intimate belly and neck kissing Abby in Sea Change ... Bitch ... The shock of seeing that Ray's been cut off at the knees, literally ... Moretti telling Abby that he's replacing her husband - Yeah, in your dreams, Tooch ... Bitch ... The lovely family scene with Luka, Abby and their son MoJo that was marred by Luka's disturbing phone call ... The same cab, #2295, aka "The Taxicab of Love" that Abby ended up getting my Luka-licious lapdance ... Bitch ... in on the way to their surprise wedding in I Don't, is the one that takes a tremendously conflicted, sad and haunted-looking Luka to the airport in the season finale, while Abby and the beautiful little boy who played Chicago MoJo stand in the street, sporting the same longing, wistful expression as they watch the cab drive away ... The Neela's trampling finale and her season opening treatment in the ER so-did-not-even-come-close-to-packing-the-same-punch
and-having-me-sick-with-worry-over-the-hiatus of the prior year's prostrate Pretty watching helplessly as Abby collapsed in Trauma Green in 21 guns and the subsequent angst of the premature birth of the MoJo in the will-never-be-equaled Bloodline ... -- I am fairly certain that at times there just may be some Cranky Commentary floating hereabouts, though not 21 single-spaced typed pages worth - like the last recap ... And considering that like the characters, and many in the viewing audience, I waited seven long years for Luka and Abby to finally get married, maybe ending the recaps there might not be such a bad thing ...

Thank you to all of you that have taken the time to read these ramblings over the past two years. I greatly appreciate all of your comments, emails, encouragements and well-wishes. I hope that you will continue to watch ER, because even if the ratings are down, and those who've changed to another channel over the past couple of seasons have really missed some of the most amazing episodes and acting ever, in my opinion it's still the best show on television.

And remember, it really is all about the hair ...