Sunday, December 11, 2005

ER 12.10 All About Christmas Eve

Previously on ER: Neela, in her white sari, walked down the aisle with Gallant, aka Plank ; Abby told Neela she isn’t saying that Gallant isn’t a good guy, but asked Neela if she really knows him; Sam asked Eve Peyton, Nurse Manager, aka Sally from Third Rock from the Sun, under what circumstances a prisoner would be transferred from one state to another and Sally asked if she’s talking about her ex; Luka told Victor Clemente, new Attending, aka John Leguizamo, aka Chi-Chi Rodriguez from To Wong Foo that he’s going to be the new ER Chief and Chi-Chi replied that when he withdrew his name, he was hoping they’d pick Luka; Pratt told KJ the Volunteen that he’s going to make sure that Volunteen works harder than any other volunteer and no more going out for doughnuts or chasing skirts as Volunteen’s dad Darnell chimed in that he has to stay in the game, “otherwise, they win”; In his car, Abby started to ask Luka “Would you like to …?”, and Luka pounced and started kissing her and she kissed him back – lucky girl … and, bitch; at the Planks’ reception, Luka and Abby toasted to discretion and propriety, and he added “maturity”, and she smiled and said “well …”

“Jingle Bell Rock” starts playing and we see Luka walking past the Salvation Army bell ringer with the bucket, whistling “Jingle Bells”. Nice, Luka. Can’t toss the guy a quarter or something? There’s some snow on the sidewalk, everything is decorated for Christmas, including Luka. He’s wearing a Santa hat. Yum. Can I sit on Santa’s lap, please? Although Abby beat me to it last week, it wasn’t official because he wasn’t wearing the hat then. He also has on a red scarf and another “Luka blue” shirt. Again, yum. Walking past the County General sign, he spots a worker spreading sand on the snow and asks “How’s it going, Louie?” Louie bitches that he has two more sidewalks to clear and a Furby doll to find. Luka reaches into his bag of tricks and pulls out a Furby and hands it to Louie. And it’s not in the box, so is Luka giving him a used doll? Again, nice, Luka. Louie says “No way” and Luka wishes him a Merry Christmas. We hear someone say hi to Luka, and he asks the disembodied voice “How’s your mom doing?” as he walks over and we see that he’s talking to Doris the Paramedic. Doris tells him that her mom has one more treatment, then she’s out. He again reaches into the bag and this time pulls out a wrapped present. Couldn’t wrap the Furby, huh, Luka? That’s a pretty big bag so maybe he ran out of wrapping paper. He hands it to Doris and says that maybe it will cheer her up. Doris smiles at him and thanks him as he walks towards the doors. He turns around, gives her a really goofy and adorable grin and sort of tosses his head, then goes into the ER.

He walks in ho-ho-ho’ing, and I mean that he’s Santa Claus-ing it, not man-ho’ing like he did in Season 9, and handing out candy canes to all the kids who are waiting in Chairs. A little boy comes over to him and says he wants one, and Luka tells him he looks like he’s been naughty. Considering how overly happy Luka is, I’m pretty sure he’s been a bit naughty himself. He gives the kid a candy cane, and continues ho-ho-ho’ing. Frank comes over and says “Well, look what the reindeer dragged in”. Shut up, Frank! If anyone’s dragging Luka anywhere, it’s me. Luka hands Frank a scarf with a bow on it, and Frank says “Wow, last time I got a present in this hospital, is when that helicopter fell on Romano.” Now I know that’s a tasteless comment to make, but it made me laugh. And I have the EXACT SAME SCARF! Thanks, Luka, I can now just pretend that you gave it to me. And obviously we both shop at H&M. Neela comes walking over and Luka hands her a pink stethoscope, saying “For you”. Neela says, “Oh, wow, a neon stethoscope. Thanks, Santa Kovac” as she puts it around her neck. Hee. Morris starts complaining “What about me?” as Luka hands him a CD. Morris is overly excited when he sees that it’s ‘N Sync’s Greatest Hits and is all “You didn’t? I mean, I was hoping … you didn’t”. How did I know that Morris would be into the Timberlake? Luka hands Pratt a ticket with a bow on it. It’s for a Bears game and Pratt says “I love the Slav”. Me, too, Pratt – get in line. Then he has to ruin the laugh I shared with him by bitching “Just one?” Ungrateful asshole. Ray holds up the one Luka just gave him and says “Looks like it’s you and me, man”. Luka announces “the bonus”. Since it’s Christmas Eve, they only need a skeleton crew so he’s letting three of the support staff and one resident go home early, with pay. I so wish Luka were my boss. And I’d be up for a little sexual harassment, too, Luka. Just saying. Where’s Abby? She doesn’t get the chance to go home? Nice, Luka. Considering what you two were up to last episode, you’ve probably already given her the “bonus”. They all start vying for it; not Abby’s “bonus”, but the going-home-early bonus. Although if the first one were an option, everyone in the Chicago area, and most of the living world actually, would be vying for it. Morris says he did the manual disimpaction, Ray did a pelvic on a three-hundred pounder, and Neela chimes in that she “debrided maggots out of a diabetic ulcer, you wankers”. Hee. I love Neela. Pratt thinks this will jinx them into a night of trauma hell, and knowing how this show operates, I’m sure you are right, Pratt. Luka says they’ll settle it with Rock, Paper, Scissors, and tells Neela and Morris to go first. Neela holds up scissors, and Morris, paper. He tries to claim that it’s “sheet metal”. Nice try, Morris, but I think we all know how the game goes. Luka tells him he’s out. Pratt’s next. He does scissors, Neela rock. And Neela does so rock. Then Ray does rock, and Neela does paper. Yay, Neela! Ray says “you suck” as Neela laughs and thanks everyone, because she and Plank are going to Jamaica and she still has tons of packing to do. Luka smiles and he and Neela both walk away.

Chi-Chi comes up and asks “What is somebody giving away lap dances and I wasn’t invited?” Again, Chi-Chi with the inappropriate workplace comments and chewing gum. Nice. And shut up, Chi-Chi! If anyone is getting free lap dances from Luka, it’s me. And I guess Abby, since she got one last week. Pratt tells him that Santa is sending people home. Chi-Chi looks at Morris’ present and says “N’Sync? I didn’t know you were gay”, which gave me my loudest out loud laugh this season. Thanks, Chi-Chi. Morris calls him an “evil elf” and walks away. Hee. Chi-Chi says it’s the thought that counts. Frank, wearing my scarf with the bow still on it, tells Chi-Chi that he should maybe think about calling Jodie back, and getting her off his freaking back. Chi-Chi says “She did not call again”, and Frank tells him “eight times”. Chi-Chi wants to know if they can change the main number. Oh, yeah, that’s such a good idea, Chi-Chi. It’s not like it’s published in say, the phone book, that millions of people in the Chicago area have. I’m sure no one would mind the expense and inconvenience it would cause just so you could avoid your stalker ex. Moron. Frank thinks that maybe he could work somewhere with a different extension, like Cambodia. I’m pretty sure that would be a whole different number altogether, Frank.

Abby is standing in the hallway holding a Christmas-decorated cake in one hand and looking at some papers, including what looks like some pink WYWO notes, in her other. She still has her coat and scarf on, so she’s probably just arrived. And I really like her burgundy scarf, too. But since Luka gave me mine, I’m sticking with that one. She reads one of the WYWO’s and looks away, a little troubled, as Luka, no longer wearing the Santa hat, is walking up behind her. She’s totally preoccupied so when he leans over her shoulder, looking like he’s going to kiss her cheek, and says “hey” in her ear, he startles her so she yells “Ah!” and almost drops the cake. Hee. As it is, she’s tilted the cake sideways, so I’m sure all of the icing is now stuck to the plastic lid. Nice. I hate when that happens. She turns around to him and he gives her a huge smile. Awww. She apologizes for being late, because she had to pick up the cake for the Christmas party. He says “no problem” and tells her to “come here” and leads her to a corner. He reaches into the bag and hands her a wooden box with a red bow on it. She’s seems taken aback by his giving her a gift and says “Oh, wow. That’s … for me?” He says “yeah” and tells her to open it. She questions “Now?” and he again says “yeah”. She shrugs, sort of gesturing that her hands are full, and says she can’t, even though she really could just put the cake down, or get him to hold it. He says “Oh, tomorrow morning then”. She says okay and starts to walk away, then immediately turns back and stares at him. Very funny the way she did that. A little surprised, she looks at him quizzically and asks “Are we spending Christmas together?” He smiles and shrugs a little, telling her it’s what she said “last night”. She says she didn’t. In a low and sexy voice, he teasingly tells her, slightly raising his eyebrows, “Well, you probably don’t remember other things you said last night”, as she blushes, smiles and hits him, whispering “Shut up”. Hee. So Abby’s a talker in bed, huh? Wouldn’t have guessed that, considering the communication issues she has when she’s fully clothed. They smile very broadly at each other, both sort of with eyes twinkling. Awww, they really are adorable. Makes me wonder what they were up to last night? Except, not. And, bitch. She looks down, then looking back up at him, still smiling, starts to say “I never said anything about us …” and he interrupts, scrunching up his nose and squinting his eyes, nods and knowingly says “We should”. She questions back “We should?” and he closes his eyes and nods again. To prove that she is indeed taking her medication and is no longer crazy like the last time when he told her she should do something, basically wanting her to hop back into his bed, and she refused, this time she wisely says okay. Good for you, Abby. And again, bitch. Luka acknowledges her response by raising his eyebrows, tilting his head and grinning. Still smiling at each other, she tells him she should change and starts to walk away. He goes with her and rather seductively says “I’ll help”. She looks back at him and he tilts his head, smiling at her. She smiles and giggles, then walks away, as he watches her, still smiling widely. Then he clears his throat, turns and walks down the hall. This scene was really cute. I like shiny happy Luka. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen either of these characters smile so much, and God knows if anyone needs to, it’s these two.

Sam is in a prison visiting area, where prisoners sit on one side behind a half-wall of glass and the visitors sit on the other. Across from her is Steve, not Cole Hauser Steve, but Sleazy Steve from last year. Great. At least he’s shaved the beard. The prison uniforms look like olive-drab colored scrubs. Sleaze has a long sleeved white shirt on underneath his, and surprisingly, his arms seem kind of buff, enough to make it look like he’s got casts on both arms. Weird. And they make his head look really tiny, giving me an image of the shrunken head guy from Beetlejuice. He asks if New Alex, or Newlex is playing hockey again. Sam’s not interested in small talk and says that they don’t just move prisoners from one state to another for no reason. Sleaze ignores this and wants her to make sure the coach doesn’t bench Newlex this year because he has skills. Yes, he’s very skilled … at being annoying. Sam wants to know if he’s listening to her. He is. He tells her that he needs to see Newlex, and then calls her “Sammy”. Hee. She’s so not a “Sammy”. Sleaze says it would really help him right now. Sam wants to know why he was moved to Illinois. He tries to tell her it’s nothing. He’s doing some really weird hand movements, sort of like he’s doing Tai Chi or something. Bow to your sensei, Sleaze. He wants to know if she still has the guitar he gave Newlex. She says yeah. Then he asks about the DVD player and camcorder. She does. He says that people might come looking for those. People with warrants. Uh oh. What an asshole. What did she see in him? I can understand Cole Hauser Steve, but Sleazy Steve? She traded way up when she bagged Luka, but then proved her own brand of insanity by dumping him. Maybe she does deserve Sleaze. Sam scornfully says “Unbelievable” and starts to get up to leave. She tells him he is such a piece of crap, and I think he’s way beyond that, Sam. He says he’ll explain everything to Newlex and stands up. She tells him he won’t and not to call or write. A guard makes Sleaze sit down, and Sleaze tries to tell Sam that he’s changed and that God is helping him. Sam bitches “Oh yeah? Hell of a job he’s doing.” Ooh, Sam, probably not a good idea to curse the Big Guy. Sleaze tries to say that God is making him see things that he’s done wrong, and I laugh out loud as I realize that during a commercial break before ER started, there was an ad for a new show called “The Book of Daniel” where a priest, Aidan Quinn, has visits and conversations with Jesus and Sleaze is playing Jesus. Walking out, Sam yells “Merry Christmas, jerk-off!”, taking us into Opening Credits. I guess since the censors let Abby get away with saying it last week, “jerk-off” is going to become standard on this show.

Ray and Doris the Paramedic are bringing in Tamara Gordon, 30, altered restrained MVC with passenger space intrusion, as Luka rushes over to help. Doris gives Luka the bullet, tachy to 110, good BP, sats 97%. Ray says she has a frontal hematoma and breath sounds are clear. Her head is strapped down and she has a neck brace on. Luka introduces himself and asks how she’s doing, and she says she’s okay. Luka asks what happened and Doris starts to say that the other driver slid on black ice, but Luka holds up his hand to stop her and says he wants Tamara to tell him. Tamara mumbles “bring the green one”. Ray and Luka exchange a look as Tamara’s eyes glaze over and she starts seizing. Ray holds her head and yells for two of Ativan. Luka thinks it could be an intercranial bleed and wants them to let CT know they’ll be up there as soon as the seizure stops.

Haleh is putting charts in the rack and saying that she needs back-up singers for the Christmas party tonight. Sally says she’ll do it, but Haleh wants someone to have her back, not stab her in it, as she and Sally smirk at each other. Hee. Morris says “Baby, I got your back”. Shut up, Morris! You’re not Six Mix-a-lot and Haleh ain’t your average groupie. Haleh is looking for somebody who can sing, sing. Morris insists that he can sing, sing. Then he says “Seriously, I got soul”. I highly doubt that, Morris, with the exception of Clay Aiken, you are the whitest boy I’ve ever seen. He then tells her he’s “super bad”. Again, shut up, Morris! Now you’re James Brown? Haleh just looks at him as Weaver comes up and tells him that Haleh takes the gig very seriously. Weaver has bangs, the sides are pulled back, and hanging down in the back. That’s a four year old’s hairstyle, or one of The Waltons. Not flattering, and again, I’m all about the hair. Thanks, Weaver. Don’t get me started on Abby’s. Morris tells Haleh that he grew up in a Baptist church. Well, I grew up in a Catholic church, Morris, doesn’t mean I can do a Gregorian chant. Haleh tells him that she is holding auditions in the lounge and he is welcome to sign up. Then she turns to Weaver and tells her she is too. Weaver says “Yeah. For the tenth year in a row, I think I’ll pass”. Hee.

Abby is presenting a case to Chi-Chi. 75 year old male, cough times two days, no significant history, afebrile, vitals normal. Chi-Chi asks about the exam and Abby tells him good breath sounds, and otherwise, unremarkable. He then asks about the x-ray, and Abby says normal heart, lung fields clear. Chi-Chi wants to know if she’s dispo-ing him, and she says she was about to send him home but he started to complain of severe epigastric pain, which means lying upon or over the stomach. Thanks, Webster’s. Chi-Chi asks if she checked amylase and lipase, which are tests for pancreatitis, but Abby says they are not back yet. They go over to the Curtain Area and Chi-Chi pulls back a curtain, saying let’s see how he’s doing. The patient, Mr. Goldstein, is played by an old-time comedian named Jack Carter, who I remember from all those shows for washed-up hacks like The Love Boat and Fantasy Island, from when I was a kid. And not Jack Carter, Carter’s dad, who was played by Michael Gross who in turn played Steven Keaton, the dad on Family Ties. I really do need to get out more. Jack bitches if he’s going to lay there all day like a piece of herring, but Chi-Chi sure hopes not because he is allergic to pickled fish. Jack wants to know if he’s pale, because he feels like he’s pale. What does pale feel like? You are a very white guy, Jack, so I’m not sure what you’re asking here. Chi-Chi is pressing different areas of his stomach and asking Jack to let him check him out so he can go home right away. Chi-Chi asks Abby to see if his cell count is back on his lizard-breeder’s LP? Lizard-breeder? Finally an interesting case, and it’s an OCP (Off Camera Patient). Figures.

In Trauma Green, Ray says that Tamara’s pupils are equal and sluggish. Luka tells her she was in a car accident and asks if she knows where she is. She answers “a hospital” as Haleh says that the heart rate is 127. Luka asks her to hang a liter of NS, then asks Tamara if she knows what day it is. Ray says the chest wall is stable as Tamara dully responds “Christmas Eve … December 24 … Chicago”. Ray says the breath sounds are okay as Tamara says “1986”. Ooh, good year, Tamara. Ferris Bueller, Rock Me Amadeus, LA Law. They all stop and look at her. Ray says that she’s still post-ictal, which I remember from Blair, Luka’s “nursing home dump” patient from earlier in the season, means the lethargic state immediately following a seizure. Luka asks her if she has any medical disorders, but Tamara fades out again. Luka rubs her breast bone, calling her name. Good choice with the not responding, Tamara. I’d want him to rub me more too. Luka thinks it could be a subclinical seizure, which Google tells me can only be detected with an EEG, and calls for two more of Ativan. Haleh says that Radiology called and said that the CT was negative. She calls out that the sat’s only 86. Luka tells her to crank up the O2. Ray says she’s hyponatremic, which again the ever helpful Google says means she has low sodium levels, which is why Ray calls for 25cc’s of saline. Haleh tells him they don’t keep that in the trauma rooms and that you have to go to the drug lockup. Luka tells her to go get it and she says she can’t leave because she’s the only nurse. Ray complains that Tamara is apnic. Luka says to bag her through it as Sally bursts in and asks if they need an extra hand in there. Luka asks where the other nurses are, and Sally cheerfully says that they are a little light because Santa Claus sent half of them home. And here’s where Luka’s earlier benevolence comes back to bite him in the ass. Nice, Luka. Luka looks up sharply with the Croatian equivalent of the Homer Simpson, “d’oh!” face, as Sally makes a little kid “told you so” type smirk at him. He glares at her.

Abby walks out a door as Neela is coming down the steps, with her coat on and her purse over her shoulder, so she is probably on her way home. Abby says “Hey, are you out of here?” as they walk towards Admit. Neela says she’s a little nervous. Abby comments “Well, it’s a honeymoon, Neela. You’re going to have fun”. Considering that in the last episode, Neela and Gallant may have gotten married, but you and Luka had the Wedding Night, Abby, I wouldn’t count on this. I mean, she did marry Plank. But Neela’s not worried about that, because I guess, you know, he is wood after all. Abby remembers that Neela hates to fly. Neela says it’s not that either because she has her Xanax and a sleeping mask. Abby wants to know what it is. It’s a mask you put over your eyes to block the light when you want to sleep, Abby. Duh. I guess you’re getting used to sleeping in the bat cave where it’s always dark, so you don’t realize that other people need some help simulating darkness. Neela replies that they are stopping at Gallant’s parents for Christmas dinner before they go. Abby gets it and smirking, asks if his parents know that they are married. Neela heard Gallant tell them on the phone. Abby prompts her “And?”, and Neela says that then she heard a dial tone. Uh, oh. Guess the Plank family is not too happy about missing the wedding. Don’t worry, Planks, unless you are all into Manilow, chili, the limbo and crappily decorated sheet cakes, you didn’t miss much. Except the martinis. And Luka’s peanuts. Luka walks up and tells Abby that they need to confer. Abby questions “Confer?” and he innocently tells her that he has some “Department Chief business” he needs to go over with her in the drug lock-up. Yeah, that doesn’t sound suspicious at all, Luka. I’m so sure Neela thinks you are going to be having an official conversation. Abby says that she is checking LP results for Clemente. Luka replies like the 13 year old that his hormones are turning him into, wagging his head and saying sassily that Clemente can wait, and walks away. As they continue towards Admit, Neela raises her eyebrows and tells Abby “You guys seem cozy”. Abby says “yeah” and grinning, tells her that they are spending Christmas together. Neela pointedly answers “Really?”, as they are walking by a fat kid sitting on a gurney, and he tells them to look up. He is holding a crutch with mistletoe hanging off the end. He says that they have to kiss. Abby looks at him and says “Kiss?” as Neela looks like she can’t believe it. Fat Kid tells them that “Britney and Madonna did it”. Oh, Lord. I guess the 14 year old writer is still on staff. Abby grabs the crutch and lowers it as Neela says “Perverts start young these days”. Hee. They also write for ER, Neela. Neela walks away, so I’m guessing we won’t get to see Christmas With The Planks. Too bad. Except, not.

Ray is explaining hyponatremia to Tamara and a guy who must be her husband. Ray says that the low sodium can do weird things to the fluid balance of the body and it can cause serious problems like seizures. Mr. Tamara wants to know how she got this. Ray replies that a lot of things can cause it. He asks Tamara if she’s had any vomiting or diarrhea, or taking any diuretics or laxatives, which she hasn’t. He says her kidneys seem to be working right. Tamara wants to know how long before she can go home. Ray tells her she’s not going home, at least not tonight. Tamara insists that she’s fine, but Ray thinks she needs to be admitted. Tamara scoffs that her kids are expecting gifts under the tree tomorrow. Well, if you don’t believe in Santa Claus, he won’t come to your house, Tamara. At least that’s what my parents used as an excuse when I suddenly stopped getting presents at age 9. Ray says he understands but she needs to be worked up to find out why her sodium is so low so it never happens again. Tamara’s having none of it, and takes the oxygen tubes out of her nose saying that she can’t do this to her kids. Nice sentiment, Tamara, but can’t Mr. Tamara put the gifts there for you? Unless they still need to be wrapped, because then you probably are shit out of luck. Because if Mr. Tamara is like Mr. Cranky, he is useless when it comes to wrapping presents. Ray looks to Mr. Tamara appealingly, but Mr. Tamara looks down, because he’s checking to make sure that he indeed does not wear the pants in this family.

Luka and Abby are in the drug lock-up. He asks her whose kitchen they are going to be dirtying tomorrow. She says that she doesn’t know, she hasn’t given it much thought. He asks her to guess what he got her. She tells him to give her a hint. He thinks about it and then says “Um … it’s small”. She replies “Small … a necklace”. He tells her it’s not jewelry. Guess it’s not a ring. I was so looking forward to another quickie wedding at Chuck E. Cheese’s … I mean Baby Joon’s. With the martinis. And Luka’s peanuts. Ray comes in and tells Luka that their hyponatremia lady is signing out AMA. Luka say that she can’t, as Abby is looking at him kind of strangely. Ray thinks that Luka may want to come and stop her. Luka tells him he’ll be right out and Ray walks away. Luka turns back to Abby. She is looking down, then looks up at him, and says his name, obviously wanting to tell him something. He says “Yeah, what?”, but looks distractedly back through the doorway where Ray was just standing. She gazes at him speculatively, then seems to change her mind about what she was going to say. She playfully tells him that he’s going to love what she got him. He scoffs that she didn’t get him anything. She says yes, she did. He smiles, shaking his head and saying “No, you didn’t”. She retorts “I did, too”. He tells her to keep guessing. She smiles and says “All right. Not jewelry. Sparkplugs.” Hee. He snorts, rolls his eyes and says “Right”. She then guesses “A glass frog”. Again, hee. Their flirty banter is cracking me up. He smiles and asks how she knew. She says “I’m not even close?” He tells her to page him when she has a clue and she says okay. He walks out smiling. She watches him leave, and then looks down, like something is bothering her. Maybe she’s worried that it really is a glass frog. Or an N’Sync CD. It had better not be my scarf, Luka. Or maybe she’s pissed because she missed out on the Rock, Paper, Scissors contest and the chance to go home early.

Sally is in the ambulance bay, drinking coffee and talking on her cell. Smiling, she tells the caller “Just come over when you are done with your mother’s”, and that she doesn’t care how late it is. Then she says “You know I got a stocking for you. Actually, I have two …they’re fishnets and I’m going to …” Did she get them at Jumbo Mart? Apparently they carry them, because that’s where Abby went before she had Neela get in the risqué ensemble for the photos she sent to Gallant in Iraq. Sally spots Sam walking up and says she has to go and she’ll call later. She tells Sam that she’s late. Sam says she got tied up. Ooh, does Sam have a kinky OCB (Off Camera Boyfriend) that we don’t know about? Sally bitches that the phones still work. She’s right, Sam, you should have called. Especially since Sally made you some kind of supervisor or something. Way to set a good example. Sam had to drop her kid off at a friend’s house and then she had to “take care of some personal stuff”, which is such a great excuse to use when being late for work, I wonder why I haven’t tried it? Idiot. Sally tells her to get in line then says that her linebacker just called and he was supposed to spend the weekend with her but she thinks he’s flaking out. Sam asks “linebacker, huh?”, and Sally says proudly that he plays for Cincinnati, as they walk past Weaver and Pratt in yellow trauma gowns hurrying out to meet the incoming ambulance. Weaver tells Sally that their ice skater is back from Radiology. Oh, please let it be Tonya Harding. This show could use a little of the White Trash Ice Princess. Sally says that she’ll pick up her films.

Random paramedic tells Pratt and Weaver that they have a six-year old female GSW to the abdomen, and that she has shallow resps, tachy in the 150’s and Bp at 150 palp. Weaver wants to know about access and Random tells her in the left tibia. Little girl is crying that it hurts. A woman gets off the ambulance pleading for them to help her. It’s Lisa Gay Hamilton who played Rebecca on The Practice. Rebecca says they were buying garlands and a bullet came through the window. Bet you wish you’d done your decorating a little earlier this year, huh, Rebecca? Little Girl mumbles something that I don’t catch and closes her eyes as Random says there was a dead guy at the scene. Weaver says to go to Trauma One, which is never a good sign on this show. Rebecca starts calling “Danielle?”, which I guess is Little Girl’s name, but I’m too lazy to change that now. Pratt tells her that they are going to fix her up. He says they lost the carotid and there’s no pulse. Rebecca wants to know if that means she’s dying. Well, Rebecca, since I think you generally have to have a pulse to be considered “alive”, I’d say yeah, that’s what that means. Of course, nobody answers her as we break for commercial.

Pratt asks Chuny for the satinsky. He says that he’s cross clamping the aorta. Well, hello, Abby. What are you doing in this trauma? I’ll bet there’s no explanation. Weaver wants a 400 cc NS bolus and two more units of O-neg. Abby asks for the cordis introducer as Pratt says that the chest is dry. Weaver says to hold compressions. Abby says there is still no pulse as we see Rebecca outside of the room, talking to two guys who look like police detectives. Weaver wants another epi and to get ready with atropine. Abby calls for CBC, trauma panel and to type and cross for four. Weaver does and ultrasound and notices that the belly is full of lead and says for them to notify the OR. Abby tells Pratt that the subclavian is in and threading easily. Pratt says to check for pulses with compressions as he watches Rebecca through the window. Weaver says that Little Girl has a carotid and she needs a foley, as Abby walks over to get one. Is she playing the part of a nurse because they are short-handed? I still don’t understand why she’s in here, unless it really is true that she has to be involved in every storyline. Abby goes over to a cart on the side of the room. As she pulls open a drawer, she knocks something off the top of the table behind her. She goes to pick it up and it looks like it’s Little Girl’s jacket. Something falls out of the pocket and Abby picks it up, as Pratt tells Chuny to call Olivia from Ceasefire who’s upstairs at the Social Workers’ Party. Abby’s holding a piece of paper and as she unfolds it, we see a child’s writing in different color markers. She turns it over and we see that it’s Little Girl’s Christmas List. Oh, that’s sad. We hear carolers singing “Joy To the World”.

Four young boys in dark glasses are singing to patients in the Curtain Area. Camera pulls back and we see three guys sitting on three gurneys. One is dressed in African garb, the middle one is Santa Claus, and the one on the end is in an indigo colored Santa-type suit. African Garb is bitching “Eight candles?”, as Indigo Claus sasses that they get a present with each one of them. Santa asks African Garb “What the hell is Kwanzaa anyway? Some made up thing like Flag Day” What’s with the lack of jolliness Santa? Technically you are an invention too, so shut it. African Garb wants to know who he’s calling made up, “fat boy”. Hee. Luka and Ray walk by and Luka asks if Mr. Tamara is okay with Tamara leaving, and Ray says that he gets the impression that she makes all the decisions. Oh, what gave it away to you, Ray? Mr. Tamara’s apparent lack of genitalia or his overall whipped puppy dog demeanor? Luka says he’s never heard that one before. Ha!!! Remind me again who you are dating, Luka? Ray says that the repeat electrolytes aren’t even back yet. Luka asks about the UA, and Ray says that it’s normal, but they still don’t know what the cause is. Tamara is putting on her boots as they enter the trauma room. Luka asks her if she understands that she’ll be leaving against medical advice. She turns to Mr. Tamara and says “Honey, why don’t you go get the car?” He looks back and forth between her and the doctors, and she goes on condescendingly, “I’ll meet you out front. It’s okay, just go”, as he leaves with his tail between his legs. Luka tells her that she shouldn’t go home yet. She says that she feels much better. Luka says that it’s serious and that she needs to stay there and be monitored. She thought they fixed her with that saline stuff, but Luka tells her it could be temporary. Ray thinks if he sodium falls again, she could have another seizure. Luka adds “or worse”. She sort of scoffs and says “It’s Christmas”. You missed the whole Santa Hat and present distribution thing earlier, Tamara, but I’m pretty sure Luka already knows this. He tells her that the hyponatremia can cause a coma, permanent brain damage, even death. Considering she wants to leave, and she thinks it’s 1986, I think the brain damage is a given, Luka. Haleh comes in and tells them there is an MVA rolling in. Luka tells Ray to go and he’ll meet him in a second. Luka says to Tamara that they need to figure out why this is happening, and it’s the only way for them to help her, but Tamara is shaking her head. She says that he can’t help her. Luka looks at her questioningly, and on him, the confused thing is hot. She continues that three months ago she went to the doctor for a stomachache, and she walked out a cancer patient, ovarian. Oh, that sucks. Sorry, Tamara. Luka’s sorry, too. She goes on that it had already spread to the liver and the lungs, and that the five year survival is less than 5%. Yikes. Luka thinks it’s all the more reason for her to stay, because she can’t fight it if she doesn’t take care of herself. She smiles, shakes her head and says that she doesn’t want to fight this because treatment means surgery, chemo, and months in a hospital bed. She doesn’t want her kids to remember her as a weak, bald, dying woman. She says she could devote her remaining time to a futile fight or to her family, and she smiles and says she’s choosing her family. This is sad, but I totally see her point. Luka wants to know what her husband wants. Uh, Luka, honey, you did meet her husband, didn’t you? Do you really think he has a say? I’m not even sure he has vocal chords. They’ve probably atrophied from not getting a word in edgewise for years. Tamara says that Mr. Tamara doesn’t know. She says she’ll tell him after the holidays, but right now, she’s going home, and walks out. Guess we won’t be seeing you tomorrow, Tamara. Luka watches her sexily … I mean sadly.

Rebecca is still talking to the detectives when Abby comes out of Trauma Yellow. She’s holding what looks like a little purse and the Christmas list. Rebecca is telling them that she’s already said that it happened so fast. The detectives verify that she didn’t see a license plate or anything. Agitated, she says no, and walks over to look in the trauma door. Abby asks the detectives to give her a break and they’ll call them if anything changes. She thanks them as they leave. Upset, Rebecca tells her that they asked if she saw the guy’s face and she says she didn’t, and Abby tells her it’s okay. She tells Rebecca that they are trying to stablilize Little Girl because they want to get her up to surgery as soon as possible. Rebecca thinks that’s good. Abby hands her Little Girl’s things. Rebecca sadly laughs as she opens the Christmas list. She says to Abby that she told Little Girl that Santa wouldn’t bring her anything if she didn’t write it down. Uh, don’t mean to add to an already bad situation, Rebecca, but it is Christmas Eve. Don’t you think that you maybe should have gotten the list a little earlier? Little Girl used the front and back of the sheet, so it’s pretty extensive and I’m guessing ToysRUs might be out of stock on a few things at this point. Abby smiles at her and says that they are doing everything they can. Rebecca thinks the neighborhood has always been dangerous and when she moved to New York, she asked her mom to come live with them, but she wouldn’t. They were just visiting? Oh, that sucks even worse. Abby asks if Rebecca wants her to call her mom to meet her there. Rebecca says with her diabetes, she can barely walk. Abby wants to know if there is someone else she can call. Rebecca says that her husband is flying in tonight, but he doesn’t know about this. Abby asks if there is anything she can get Rebecca. Rebecca, crying, says she should try her husband again and maybe she can catch him on layover, and thanks Abby. Rebecca pulls out her cell phone. Again with the cell phone in the hospital. How many times do I have to tell you people about that? But Rebecca was really good in this scene, much better than she ever was on The Practice. Abby smiles at her and walks away. Is that it for Abby in this trauma? What was the point? Was she only there to find the Christmas list? And why did that have to be her? Is it to remind her that she has to make her own? Because considering all the smiles she’s been giving him, I’m pretty sure that hers would be short, sweet and to the point, reading exactly like mine: Luka … Santa hat …just Santa hat. Bitch.

Luka is on the phone looking for a repeat sodium level on Tamara. Haleh asks him if he’s auditioning today. A little advice, Luka, unless you want Haleh crawling into your lap, too, it’s probably a good idea to lose the Santa hat and the Manilow. He tells her he’s not sure. Frank hands Chi-Chi a paper and says “Hey, Schizo” and tells him that Jack’s labs are back. Haleh asks Chi-Chi if he’s a singer, and he purposely sings Deck The Halls very badly. Haleh tells him that Abby’s short on baked goods and maybe he can help her out there. Hee. Chi-Chi tells Jack that he has good news and all his tests came back completely normal. Jack says there’s bad news because he feels like there’s a truck parked on his spleen. Chi-Chi tells him he can go home and wishes him a Merry Christmas. Jack stops him and asks about his cough. Chi-Chi says he shouldn’t worry about it and it’s probably just a little virus. Jack wants to know if a virus can cause chest pain. Chi-Chi’s concerned and asks “what chest pain?” Jack grabs his chest and says it’s terrible, massive pressure. Chi-Chi wants to know why he didn’t tell the other doctor about it, which I guess means Abby. Jack says it just started a little while ago. Chi-Chi pulls out his stethoscope, warms it with his hand, which I think is a nice touch because my kids’ pediatrician does that, and listens to Jack’s chest.

Sam is putting betadine on African Garb’s hand. He’s snarking to Santa “You still stuffin’ that suit?”, as Santa bitches that he went to buy some Kinte cloth, but the salesgirls used it all to wipe themselves. Never thought I’d ever say this, but Santa Claus is an asshole. Sam whips her head around to glare at him, as African Garb says that is why he kicked Santa’s ass. Sam wants to know how this all started. Indigo Claus cuts in that some employee complained that their company only celebrates Christmas, so the boss decided to throw a PC holiday party to show how they all get along. Oh, like the “holiday tree” at the White House rather than a Christmas tree. Sally thinks that sounds like a plan as Sam shakes her head. An orderly wheels a large woman in a wheelchair past them. Indigo Claus asks Santa how he deals with one of those on his lap, and Santa snidely says that they break out the big Santa for that one. Sally bitches at him “Okay, that’s enough”. Santa thinks he should bring the large woman a leg tomorrow. Sally tells him that if he doesn’t stop talking she’s going to shove a leg right up … as Sam says “Eve” and cuts her off and they exchange a look. Santa thinks Sally’s a real nutcracker, and I’m betting she could crack yours pretty easily, Santa. He asks if she wants to help him jingle his bells. Sally hands him a cup and tells him that instead of pissing all over everyone else, he should piss in that. Santa complains that he’s in too much pain too walk, so Sally closes his curtain and says “I need a urine sample. Now!”

Back to Little Girl in Trauma One. Chuny says that the crit’s 31. Weaver tells them to hold compressions. Pratt says they got a weak pulse, which is what Weaver wanted to hear. She wants the BP as Pratt holds up an x-ray. He thinks the tube position looks good. Female surgeon bursts in and snottily asks what the delay is. Oh great, another asshole surgeon. Better stay off the helipad, honey. Chuny helpfully announces that surgery’s there. Weaver wants to know where Dubenko is, and Snotty Surgeon says that he’s on vacation and that she’s Dr. Albright and she’s covering for him. Pratt tells her that the bullet is in the right upper quadrant, cross clamped the aorta for traumatic full arrest. Snotty bitches that they called them almost an hour ago that they were redlining the patient to the OR and that there’s a whole team scrubbed and waiting. Weaver says that she hasn’t been stable enough to move and Pratt adds that they didn’t have a pulse. Snotty snidely tells them that they should be more discriminating when they use the word “redline” because when they hear it they drop everything and run to the OR and that you don’t redline a pulseless patient as Weaver and Pratt exchange a “can you believe this bitch?” look. Pratt thinks the important thing is that she has a pulse now. Chuny says she’s bradying down as Pratt tells Snotty that they just lost that pulse. Weaver says to resume compressions. Snotty snots “Wow, you have a real three ring circus here”. That’s it, Weaver’s done and haughtily says “Dr. Albright, I don’t think we’ve met. I’m Dr. Weaver, Chief of Staff”. Snotty looks slightly surprised, then tells Weaver that she’s the Surgical Chief Resident and she just got back from a VA rotation. Weaver dismisses her with a “good for you” and tells Chuny to push epinephrine, point two. Chuny says that type specific blood is up, and Pratt tells her to hang a unit. Snotty says for them to give a call when they know what’s going on. Pratt knows what’s going on. Snotty snots that they can’t hold the OR for a dead kid. Shut up, Snotty! I’m already not liking you, which means you’ll probably be made main cast soon. Pratt retorts that she’s not dead. Snotty looks at him and just says “Uh huh”, before flouncing out. Pratt asks “What the hell?” Weaver replies “She’s a bitch, but unfortunately, she’s right”. Hee, and oh, I’m sorry, Little Girl. And why am I getting a feeling that Snotty may be Weaver’s new love interest? Or is it just that she reminds me of Weaver when she was Chief Resident of the ER. Weaver thinks they should get Rebecca in there. Pratt wants to go in with an atrial line and asks for a 14 gauge and four more units.

The four blind carolers are singing “The First Noel” in the waiting area. Ray walks past Tamara and Mr. Tamara and she wishes him a Merry Christmas. Luka calls Merry Christmas to them as Ray comes up and doesn’t believe that Luka is letting her go home. Luka thinks she needs to be home. Ray protests that she could develop central pontine myelinolysis, which Dr. tells me is nerve damage caused by the destruction of the layer covering nerve cells in the brainstem and thinks she could start seizing again. Luka says they’ll re-check her level in the morning, she promised to come back after her kids open their presents.

Sally bitches to Sam that “Joe”, who I guess is her Bengal linebacker, just called and said that he wants to spend Christmas at his mother’s. Sam thinks that could be fun, but doesn’t get that Sally meant without her. Sam tries to pass it off as a family tradition and says they can always spend New Year’s together. Sally’s not convinced and just says sadly “I guess”. The carolers are singing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” to African Garb, Santa and Indigo Claus. Santa gets up and starts screwing with them. He says how cute it is and calls them Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder and Roy Orbison, together at last and starts dancing in front of them. Sally can’t believe it and walks over asking “What did you just say?” Still dancing, Santa says “My bad, Roy Orbison wasn’t blind, he just wore the glasses”, as the kids keep singing. Sally spitefully tells him to sit down, but Santa keeps dancing. Getting more angry, she says that she’s not going to tell him again. One of the carolers tells him that he’s ruining their performance. Sam came over and tells the kids that they sound great and to keep going. Santa bitches for them not to yell at him again or they won’t see any gifts under the tree, then adds “Oops, my bad! You won’t see them anyway”. Okay, I officially hate Santa. Not that I’m happy about that. Santa laughs and turns towards Sally, who hauls off and punches him right in the face. Probably wasn’t a good idea for her to do to a patient, but I am so with her on the sentiment. The camera looks up at her from Santa’s vantage point. There are some serious stains on the ceiling. Did they not replace the ceiling tiles after the sewage was dripping out of it last season? Because, ewww. Sally takes Santa’s pee cup and dumps it on him saying “Ho, ho, ho, you piece of crap”. Hee.

Oh, Little Girl is not looking good. They’ve got her chest open and are squeezing her heart. Pratt calls for another atropine and to stand by with epi. Weaver tells him that she’s had eight rounds of meds and that they need to bring her mom in. Pratt wants five more minutes because he thinks the cardiac line might help them catch up with her blood loss, but Weaver says that she’s getting her now. Pratt says that he’ll do it. He walks out to Rebecca, who is standing with Olivia. She asks if Little Girl is okay. Olivia says she’ll let them talk and walks away. Pratt asks if she’d like to come in and see Little Girl. Rebecca, choked up, asks if they are finished and how is she doing. Pratt says that Little Girl’s condition is very serious. Rebecca says that she can see that they are helping her. Pratt tells her that they’ve given her fluids, medicines, and they’ve even opened up her chest, but her heart is just not beating on its own. Rebecca wants to know what he’s saying. Pratt wants her to come in and reaches for her arm, but she pulls away and tells him to go right back in there and help Little Girl. Pratt thinks it will be good for her to have Rebecca there, just hearing her voice. Rebecca sobs. Pratt asks if she’s okay, and she nods and pulls herself together. Wringing her hands, she follows him into the trauma room. Chuny says that the sats are not coming up and it’s getting harder to bag her. Weaver says to up the rate and watch the pressures. Pratt tells Rebecca that it’s okay, she can get close. Rebecca is trying not to fall apart. She walks over to the side of the gurney and sits down. And the camera shot shows the whole room, but the focus on those little feet sticking out from under the sheet while has got to be one of the most heart-wrenching images I’ve ever seen on this show. Rebecca holds Little Girl’s hand and starts talking to her telling her how strong she’s been today. Pratt asks Weaver if there’s any response to the calcium, but Weaver addresses Rebecca, saying that they’ve given her medications to restart her heart, but nothing’s working and that she’s lost too much blood. Rebecca nods and stroking Little Girl’s hair, says that they’ve been working really hard to keep her there. She asks Little Girl if she remembers how she told her that God does things for a reason. Pratt continues compressions, as Rebecca says that maybe God wants Little Girl with him real bad right now. Weaver puts a hand on Pratt’s arm, and he stops compressions. Rebecca continues that she wants Little Girl to know that it’s okay to let go, because “God doesn’t want you to be in any pain, and neither does Mommy”. This is heartbreaking, and I don’t know if it’s the four glasses of shiraz I’ve had or the fact that I have twin girls who are turning six this week, or a combination of both, but I am totally crying watching this scene. Rebecca goes on that she and her daddy love her so much, and they will always love her. She tells her not to be afraid and that it’s alright, as the monitor beeps and Chuny says that the rate is coming up. Pratt says that she has a pulse, and Weaver orders and epi infusion, point one cc per kilo. Rebecca wants to know what’s happening. Pratt tells her that the heart is beating again. Rebecca smiles and cries as Pratt calls the OR. Normally I would have something cynical to say about how trite this is, but I was so moved by Rebecca’s performance in this scene that I can’t say anything except “well done”.

Santa is bitching to Sam that he wants Sally fired. Sam tries to calm him down, saying that things got a little out of hand. He complains that Sally poured pee on him, and Sam responds that at least it was his pee. Hee. Santa asks Sam if she thinks that’s funny, and says that African Garb and Indigo Claus saw what happened. African Garb says “Saw? We can still smell it. What did you have for lunch, asparagus fries?” Yuck. More toilet humor. Huzzah. One of the blind carolers says “We didn’t see it, Santa”. Hee. Santa says, no, but they heard it. The blind caroler thinks that it sounded good “you fat bastard”. Hee. And how did Blind Caroler know he was fat? Or did he just guess because he is playing Santa? Chi-Chi walks by, writing on a chart, and Sam calls to him. He asks her what’s up then notices, and most likely, smells Santa, and remarks sarcastically, “Nice going, Santa”. Hee. Santa tells him that the nurse boss threw urine on him and he wants her fired. Chi-Chi questions Sam, who says Santa was out of control, and that Sally told him to be quiet but he wouldn’t listen. Chi-Chi is paying no attention because he is watching a heavily made-up woman with long blonde hair and lots of dark roots leaning on the Admit Desk. Santa is still bitching that he wants Sally fired. Chi-Chi says “oh, crap” and hurries away behind a curtain. Frank comes up and tells him that his “East Coast squeeze” is there. Chi-Chi nods and tells him to say that he’s with a patient. Frank thinks she’s kind of a looker, in an interstate off-ramp kind of way. Ha!!! Chi-Chi asks him to please do it and Frank walks away. Sam comes over and tells Chi-Chi she needs some help with this. Chi-Chi, pushing and hiding behind an IV stand, tells her to get Luka, because he’s the boss and moves down the hall.

As they stand next to Little Girl’s gurney, Olivia tells Rebecca that she talked to the cops and that the store owner identified because he’s seen them around before and they’re going to pick them up now. Rebecca thinks that’s good. Pratt is bitching on the phone that they were supposed to be holding a room for his GSW. Weaver says for him to tell them that this kid can’t wait. Pratt tries to tell them, and they must give him some excuse because he then gives them two minutes and that’s it. Why didn’t Weaver just get on the phone and use her Chief of Staff status to get Little Girl rushed up there? Pratt tells Rebecca that the OR is full and they’ll take her as soon as they can. Rebecca wants them to take her child now, or she’ll move her to another hospital. Weaver says that Little Girl is not stable enough to move. Rebecca wants them to call Shriner’s or Children’s. Pratt says that if they don’t call back within two minutes, he promises to take her up himself.

Abby is singing “Silent Night”, way off-key, which really makes me laugh out loud. And she had the nerve to laugh at Luka’s singing. I don’t think Maura Tierney can possibly really sing that terribly, I don’t remember her sounding this bad when she sang “Come Back, Lisa” on NewsRadio. “Come back, Lisa, you little love killer. Come back, Lisa. Lisa, Lisa Miller”. Hee. Although this wasn’t nearly as bad as the time she warbled “Afternoon Delight” after a tryst with Carter in Season 9 that was so passionate, that the bedsheets weren’t even messed up. Guess you should have tried singing “Copacabana”, Carter. That seems to get Abby all hot and bothered. The camera makes a circular sweep from Abby around the room to Haleh, who is eating a salad and staring, clearly not enjoying this performance any more than I am. Camera arcs back around and this time it is Chuny singing off-key. Camera continues back to Haleh, who is yawning. Hee. We swing around to Ray, who is also terrible. Doesn’t he have a band? I really hope he is not the Lead Singer. Although if he is, that would explain why they play places like The Aqua Lounge … as the Opening Act. Circling back to Haleh, who is asleep, in heavenly peace. She startles awake when he finishes. Outside in the hallway, a bunch of staffers are lined up waiting their turn and practicing. You don’t have to look so nervous, people. I didn’t see Paula Abdul or Simon Cowell around, so I pretty sure this isn’t American Idol. And isn’t it Christmas Eve and the party is tonight? Wouldn’t Haleh have lined up the singers before then so they could rehearse? Again, I need to say to myself it’s just a show and I should really just relax. Morris is clearing his throat and singing “Jingle Bells” as Ray comes out, looking bummed. Morris asks him how it went. He asks Morris if he remembers Debbie Allen from Fame. I do. She’s going to live forever, Ray, I remember her name. I loved that show. “You want big dreams? You want fame? Well, fame costs. And right here is where you start paying, in sweat”. Morris says he does, Ray thinks Haleh makes her look like Mother Theresa. Don’t think that’s a good analogy, Ray, because first of all, Mother T is dead, secondly, I don’t remember her being a talent scout, and lastly, Haleh slept through your audition. Well, considering the first of my counter arguments, maybe that’s why you saw the resemblance. Ray pats Morris on the shoulder as Haleh yells “Next!” Funny scene.

Luka is yelling at Sally about her punching a patient in an Exam Room, as she is putting a sling on a kid in a reindeer costume and his mom looks on. Nice, Luka. Sally replies that he was lucky she didn’t have a gun. Nice, Sally. And these two make up the management of the ER? Yeah, the department is definitely screwed. Luka thinks Sally can get suspended for this. Sally thinks Santa’s a moron. Luka says he’s a moron who wants to call his lawyer. Can’t be that much of one then, huh, Sally? Sally says she’ll punch him, too. Oh, yeah, Sally’s gone off the deep end. She tells Reindeer Boy to keep the splint dry and to watch for any pain, numbness, discoloration. Chuckling, she reminds him that just because Santa’s reindeer can fly, it doesn’t mean that he can. She walks away, with Luka right behind her. He says her name and she tells him that’s she’s busy and to walk with her. Again with the walking and talking. I guess since they retired the Mark Green Memorial Rolling Chair when Carter left the show, they don’t have anywhere to sit anymore. Luka tells her that she has to go apologize. She can’t believe he wants her to say she’s sorry to a jerk who was teasing blind kids. Luka wants her to apologize so they can salvage the situation. She asks what happens if she doesn’t. He says she can lose her job. I’m glad Luka’s is being managerial here. His High Horse must be out grazing. Sally bitches at him that he may have gotten a gold star and become chief of the department but she hates to break it to him, only the Nursing Supervisor can fire her. I don’t think Luka was saying that he would fire her, I think he was trying to let her know that it will go further than him if she doesn’t apologize.

Chi-Chi tells Jack that he has no signs of ischemia or LVH or arrhythmias. Jack wants to know what he’s got. Chi-Chi says that he has absolutely nothing wrong with him. Jack asks “what about the headache?”, and Chi-Chi asks “what headache?” Jack says he has terrible pounding between the eyes that keeps him awake all night and it’s worse during the day, as Chi-Chi looks at him skeptically and gives him “oh, really” type answers. Then Chi-Chi says that he’s starting to smell something. Oh, please don’t let it be Luka’s barnyard animal coming to make an appearance in this episode. Jack says he smells something to and asks Chi-Chi what it is and Chi-Chi responds “I don’t know, bull crap maybe”. Chi-Chi tells him to come on, first he’s said it’s one thing, then another. Jack says that he just can’t go home. Chi-Chi tells him that he has no choice because he needs the beds for really sick patients, but Jack thinks he needs the bed. Chi-Chi thinks he’s wasted enough tax dollars and wants him to go home to his wife. Jack responds that his wife died four years ago. Chi-Chi asks if he’s tired of spending Christmas alone and watching Miracle on 34th Street by himself. Jack says “Yeah, especially in living color”, and I have to agree, Jack. The colorized version sucks almost as much as the Dylan McDermott remake. Jodie, who reminds me of Cha-Cha DiGregorio from Grease, the best dancer at St. Bernadette's with the worst reputation, asks Chi-Chi how long he’s going to keep her waiting. He tells her he has a patient. She thinks Chi-Chi is signing him out. Chi-Chi said he’s not and that Jack is really sick and has Ohnis Muchgotow that he got in Brazil, and asks Jack if that’s right. Jack says “Yeah, right, Brazil”. Cha-Cha’s never heard of it. Chi-Chi thinks that’s because she’s an ICU nurse and this is a toxicology problem. Cha-Cha just widens her eyes at him with a smart-ass “ooh” expression. Cha-Cha is already annoying me. And not just because of the two-tone hair, spatula-applied make-up, stiletto heels and too tight dress either. Chi-Chi tells her that Jack needs to be admitted and watched tonight and especially tomorrow. Hee. Chi-Chi calls Haleh over. Cha-Cha bitches that she’s called him twenty times. Chi-Chi tells her that he hasn’t answered for a reason. Haleh asks Chi-Chi “What’s up?” Cha-Cha says that she’s here because she wanted to see him in person. Chi-Chi ignores her and tells Jack to breathe normally. Chi-Chi then tells Cha-Cha to go back to Jersey and to her husband, and leave him alone. Cha-Cha doesn’t think that her husband is going to find her and tells Chi-Chi to relax. Chi-Chi reminds her that her husband is a cop and not to tell him to relax. Haleh asks Chi-Chi if he needs her. He tells her that Jack needs to be signed in and observed for … and Jack helpfully adds, “Systemic Ponderosa”, and Chi-Chi concurs. Haleh’s all “what?” and Chi-Chi barks that she heard him and handing her the chart, tells her to write it down, then whispers that he’ll explain later. He walks away and asks Cha-Cha to follow him, and she clunks over. And all this Chi-Chi’ing and Cha-Cha’ing makes me feel like I’ve been salsa dancing.

A woman who looks like my old elementary school librarian says “Have you witnessed violent behavior before?” Camera switches to Sam, sitting on a couch across from Luka and Librarian, who must be the Nursing Supervisor. Sam replies “I never said she was violent”. Librarian asks “Angry?” Sam says “She’s very good at her job” and that today was a hard day. Sam states that she doesn’t feel comfortable evaluating her boss, but Luka tells her that’s part of management. She nods that’s what everyone keeps telling her, but she doesn’t understand why they can’t just bring Sally in there instead of talking about her behind her back. You obviously don’t realize that’s what management is all about, Sam, back-stabbing and in-fighting. And expense accounts. Librarian says that she will talk to Sally, but they believe in 360 evaluations there, from supervisors, peers and subordinates. So why is Luka there, is he technically any of those things? Librarian expects Sam to be honest with her. She wants to know what Sally did after she punched Santa and poured the urine on him. Sam thinks about it a second, then says “She went to lunch”. Hee. Librarian nods and thanks Sam for her time. Sam wants to know what happens now. Librarian turns to Luka and says that this is grounds for immediate termination. Sam looks at Luka and says “Oh, come on. You can’t fire Eve on Christmas Eve”.

Walking down the hall, Chi-Chi tells Cha-Cha that it was good between them, then amends that it was great, for a while. Cha-Cha is obviously in heat because she tells him “God, you look good”. Chi-Chi reminds her that she’s married. Cha-Cha bitches that he knew. He says he didn’t, not at first. She stops him and moves in closer telling him that it doesn’t matter now, because she can’t stop thinking about him and does some really weird growling, teeth-biting thing, like a rabid Chihuahua. She’s coming on to him really strongly. Chi-Chi tells her to stop it, and pulls her out of the main hallway, so that they aren’t so visible. He wants her to hop on the first plane and get the hell out of there. I don’t think a plane is what she wants to hop, Chi-Chi. He wants her to go before her husband comes there and puts a bullet in Chi-Chi’s ass. If you are doing with his wife what I think you are, Chi-Chi, I don’t think it’s your ass her husband will be aiming for. Cha-Cha wants him to tell her the truth, and asks if he misses it. He looks away from her and says “No, not at all”. She doesn’t believe that he never thinks about it, or them. He looks her in the eyes and says that he never thinks about them. She thinks whenever she called, he wanted her to call. He thinks that’s bull. Trying for seductress, but coming off as skanky, Cha-Cha tells him that she thinks that whenever he heard her voice, he sprung to attention. Oh, for the love of God. He tells her not to be ridiculous. She thinks he went into a room and he saluted his little soldier. He corrects her “Big soldier”. If you have to make a point of correcting her, Chi-Chi, it probably isn’t. She says she knows. We hear a grabbing noise as she says that she’s here now and they start making out. Yuck. Even the 14 year old staff writer cannot possibly think this is sexy. They start moaning and pawing each other as they move through a doorway. Lettering on the door tells us it’s the hospital chapel. Nice. This act will fit in so nicely with the Nativity Play.

Pratt, Weaver and Chuny are pushing Little Girl’s gurney out of Trauma One. Chuny says the systolic is up to 83. Pratt thinks that art line is a little “hinky”, which I don’t think is a proper medical term, Pratt. He thinks if the waveform is blunted, they can try repositioning. Snotty walks up saying that this is probably a waste of time, but it’s a good opportunity for the residents and medical students to get a look at “fresh young organs”. Pratt reminds her that this is a child and she should keep that in mind. When Pratt first came on this show in Season 8, I couldn’t stand him because of the cockiness and seemingly not caring about his patients as human beings. This statement alone shows how much this character has matured, and I have actually really started to like him this season. Now if they could just do something with Ray. And Morris. Rebecca, again on the cell phone. I give up. She’s telling her husband that she’ll see him when he gets there and that they are taking Little Girl to surgery. She hangs up as they get on the elevator. Pratt tells her that anesthesia will have some more questions for her. Weaver says that Little Girl is a fighter and that they are going to take good care of her. Rebecca smiles and waves to Pratt and Weaver as the doors close. Weaver congratulates Pratt on his nice work, and Pratt thanks her. He walks away and runs into Olivia, who wants to know if Little Girl is going to make it. Pratt’s not sure yet. He wants to know if they’ve found the shooters. Olivia tells him that she’ll be back later, she needs to go out for a while. He wants to know where she’s going, and she tells him to come and see. They hold hands and walk down the hallway. Pratt thinks when they find the shooters, the cops should make them come and see what they’ve done. They walk out into the ambulance bay to see a crowd of people holding candles. Pratt wants to know what all of this is. Olivia tells him it’s a vigil for Little Girl. Pratt says that she’s not dead, and Olivia replies that they are praying to keep her that way. Pratt doesn’t understand and says “Really?” Olivia nods “Really”. He puts his arm around her and tells her “Not bad, Olivia, not bad, baby”. Unless you are Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze is telling people not to put you in a corner, no one should use “baby” as a term of endearment. Ugh. Chuny comes out yelling for Pratt that Little Girl brady-ed down in the elevator. What, did she get the Mike Brady perm on her way up to surgery or something? Chuny says that they’ve lost her pulse and they brought her back into Trauma One. Pratt wants Olivia to tell the vigil-ers to keep praying, as he runs back inside.

After commercial, Sam enters the locker room area where all the food is on the table, including Abby’s cake. She goes over to the phone, then hears sniffling. Camera pulls back to show Sally sitting on a bench between rows of lockers, obviously crying. Sam goes over and sits down next to her. Sally says that she can’t believe it. On Christmas. Sam says she’s sorry. Sally tells her that she just tried so hard, and now it’s all nothing. Sam tells her she’ll be fine, but Sally doesn’t think Sam knows how hard it is out there. Sam tells Sally that she’s experienced and that hospitals are always looking for good nurse managers. Sally’s all “what???” and wants to know what Sam is talking about. Sam has an “oh, shit” look on her face and asks her what she is talking about. Sally explains that her boyfriend just dumped her. Sam, wishing she had never walked in the room, says “oh”. Sally wants to know if she is getting fired. Backpedaling, Sam says that she didn’t say that. Sally wants Sam to answer her. She sees the truth on Sam’s face, stands up, bangs on a locker, and storms out.

Chi-Chi and Cha-Cha are walking down the steps and he tells her that he has to get back to work, as he throws his lab coat on over his untucked shirt and unknotted tie. Cha-Cha bitches “Oh, of course. What did I expect?” As he tucks in his shirt, Chi-Chi tells her to come on, he’s setting up a new life here and wants as little drama as possible and that she can understand that, can’t she? Cha-Cha complains that “Bobby”, who must be her husband, hit her. Chi-Chi stops her and concerned, is all “what???”, as we see Abby with her ringside seat at Admit in the background, leaning her chin in her hand and pretending not to, but watching this with interest. Cha-Cha says that he broke a rib. Chi-Chi says that he’s sorry and that he didn’t know, and asks why she didn’t say anything or go to the police. She shrugs and replies that her husband is the police and all they would have done is come over, high-fived him and then gone and had a beer with him. Cha-Cha tells him that she’s left her husband, and calling him “Vic”, says that she’s not going back. She says that she’s staying at the Marriott if he wants to call her, and if he doesn’t, to have a nice holiday. She turns and leaves.

Chi-Chi runs his hands through his hair saying “oh, God”. Franks walks by telling him that at least she’s saving on long-distance. Chi-Chi walks over to Admit, where Abby is standing behind a computer. She asks if that was Cha-Cha. Chi-Chi wants to know how Abby knows her name. Haven’t you been there long enough to know that everything is Abby’s business, Chi-Chi? She tells him that Cha-Cha calls Frank at least eight times a day and that Abby talks to her about three. Why is Abby answering the phones? I guess it’s the best way to get the info. Chi-Chi thinks that’s just great. Abby tells him it must have been … because his fly’s down, as Chi-Chi checks. Nice, Abby. I would think that Luka’s would be more than enough for you so that you wouldn’t have to be looking at Chi-Chi’s package. Would be for me, Luka. Again, just saying. Speaking of, Luka comes up and tells her that there’s a snowplow accident coming in, notices where she’s looking, then assesses Chi-Chi up and down. He and Abby walk towards the ambulance bay and he tells her that he is making Croatian bread and a turkey. A turkey? For two people? Either it’s really small or they’ll be eating turkey soup on Valentine’s Day. And he’s baking? Told you he was my soulmate. He asks her what she’s cooking. She replies “Cooking … Do you have amnesia from the last time we dated?” Hee. No, but obviously you do, Abby, because I seem to remember you inviting him for Thanksgiving and saying that you would cook.

They go out into the ambulance bay where the crowd is still gathered, holding candles. Abby thought that Little Girl was going to die hours ago. Luka guesses that she’s not ready to go yet. Before Santa comes? I wouldn’t think so, Luka. Olivia walks over to a car asking “Is that them?” A detective gets out of the passenger seat and says they got confessions, and Olivia thanks him for bringing them. Detective opens the back door and two punk kids who look about 12 get out. Punks want to know what they are doing there and ask if they are being taken to the morgue. Olivia tells them they are going somewhere even better. They walk past Luka and Abby, who watch them go before heading over to an incoming ambulance.

Weaver bursts through the doors into Trauma One, asking what happened. Chuny says that she was fine until they tried to move her, as Pratt is doing open chest compressions. He holds them and listens to her chest, saying she has a tension pneumo on the right. Weaver calls for a chest tube tray and a 14 French for Pratt. Weaver says that she has the heart. Rebecca wants to know what’s happening. Weaver explains that Little Girl’s lung collapsed and that they are inserting a tube to re-inflate it. Olivia walks in and Rebecca asks if they’ve found them. Olivia says that they are outside and asks if it’s still okay that if they bring them in, but Rebecca doesn’t want to be in there for that. She tells Pratt that she needs to be able to see her daughter. Pratt tells her to go through the other door and wait in the hall and he’ll come and get her as the detectives bring in the Punks. Pratt congratulates them on their shot. Punk #1 says that they didn’t shoot a girl. Pratt clarifies that they didn’t mean to but their bullet went through the other guy and landed in her. Punk #2 says “Nah, dawg”. Pratt bitches “Yeah, dawg, right into her belly”. He goes on that it ripped through her liver, intestines and spleen as we get a close-up of Little Girl’s insides that looks too much like the lasagna I had for dinner for comfort. Thanks, ER. Punks make screwed up faces like they can’t bear to look but can’t look away as Pratt continues that the bullet took out a bunch of veins and arteries. He points out that her abdomen is filled up with blood and she’s bleeding out so fast that they had to crack her chest open. Punk #1 looks away and wants the detectives to get them out of there. Detectives force his head back to look as Pratt tells them to stay and admire their work because their bullet is probably going to kill Little Girl. Weaver watches Pratt, but doesn’t try to stop him. He wants them to think about if she was their little sister lying there and having to have her intestines removed and crap into a bag for the rest of her life. Weaver says his name, but Pratt wants Punks to remember what they did to Little Girl while they are laying in the jail cell. He scoffs and asks what it was for – a dime bag, or that somebody looked at them wrong? Weaver asks the detectives to take Punks out of there. As they leave, Pratt yells to them “Her name is Danielle Hopkins, she’s six year’s old”.

Chi-Chi is writing on the board as we see Sally walking up, wearing her coat. She walks up to Luka, who is standing at a computer and says “Hey, you got me fired?” Technically, I think you got yourself fired, Sally. Luka reminds her that he doesn’t have anything to do with her, and to check with the Nursing Supervisor. Sally says that she did and that she was told that she has to clear out within the next two hours. She asks Luka if he knows that it’s Christmas Eve. Again, Santa Hat … presents … and though he can be a little clueless sometimes, I don’t think even he could miss all the decorations around, Sally. Luka replies “You’ll be missed”. I know you and Sally didn’t get along, Luka, but damn, that was cold. Sally stares at him and spits “Bite me!” Luka, staring back, quietly tells her not to make him call security. Sally says that it’s fine and she’s leaving, but that she tried to do something good there and that she’s tried to elevate “this stupid ER” and instead of getting praise, she gets fired on Christmas Eve, and “Screw yourselves. You all suck!” Hee. Sam tells her to calm down. Sally points at her and says that she went behind her back, trying to get her job, and adds “Merry Christmas, Judas”. Actually, Sally, Sam did try to defend you. As much as I like you, it really was your own fault that you got fired, because it is never a good idea to deck a patient’s halls, no matter how much of an asshole he is. I guess that’s the end of Sally. And like with the Danny Glover/Pratt’s dad storyline, I’m left with the ambivalent feeling of “what the hell was the point?”

Little Girl is in surgery. Pratt comes into the observation area and sits next to Rebecca. He tells her that they’ve controlled the bleeding, the vitals are good, and it looks like she is going to pull through this. Rebecca tells him that she always wanted a girl because she thought it would be easier, which makes me laugh because it is so not. Rebecca continues that she thought it would be safer. Pratt tells her that Punks will pay for what they did, but Rebecca doesn’t want that, she just wants them to stop. She preaches that we turn our backs on these kids, we don’t educate them and then we wonder why this happens. Pratt thinks people have choices, but Rebecca thinks that some people don’t know that they do.

Weaver has her coat on and pulls down the board, as Luka walks up behind her, putting on his coat. He asks if it’s over. She tells him that it wasn’t bad for his first shift, he cleared the board and an employee. This was his first shift as Chief? How much time is supposed to have passed since last episode when he got promoted? The new job didn’t go into effect right away? The ER wasn’t decorated for the holidays in last week’s show, so some time has had to elapse. I don’t get it. Luka didn’t think he had a choice, and she agrees. She says she is going to get Henry and that she’ll see him at Ike’s and walks out. Sam is at the desk as Newlex walks up with another kid and a woman who I guess is other kid’s mother. Newlex, expressionless as usual, tells Sam that he is going to go play his game and turns away. Sam thanks Other Kid’s Mother (OKM) for having the playdate on Christmas Eve and that she can take them on New Year’s, but OKM doesn’t think so. Sam wants to know what’s wrong. OKM says that Newlex keeps telling Other Kid that his father is dead. Sam says that isn’t true as Luka overhears this. OKM continues that Newlex is telling Other Kid that his dad is going to die, too. Great. Newlex is as much of a psycho as Oldex. Sam thinks he was joking around. If you think that falls under the definition of joking, Sam, then you apparently need a new dictionary. OKM thinks Newlex needs help, and hasn’t that been obvious for the past two seasons? Until Sam gets Newlex help, OKM doesn’t want him hanging out with Other Kid. Damn, Sam, your life pretty much sucks. Maybe you shouldn’t have dumped Luka, huh? Considering how happy Abby seems from doing the Mattress Mambo with him, you’d at least have that going for you. Moron. Luka comes up to Sam and asks if there is anything he can do. She thanks him but says she’s got it, and walks away, as he makes a “well, okay then” face and leaves. Since they have had almost no interaction this season and Luka doesn’t really seem that interested in what’s going on with her, I wonder if viewers who have never seen this show or who haven’t watched for a while would know that these two were ever together. They sure don’t act like it. And since Luka seems happier now than he ever has, I’m pretty sure they won’t be revisiting them as a couple.

Newlex is sitting on a bench in the hallway, playing with a Gameboy. Sam sits down next to him and asks why he told Other Kid that Sleaze was dead. Newlex ignores her and keeps playing. Sam wants an answer and takes the game away. Newlex says that he doesn’t need him, and I’m with you on that, Newlex, because Sleaze is sleaze. Newlex thinks that’s like being dead. Sam admits that Sleaze has problems. Oh, ya think, Sam? Considering he’s been in jail in two states, I would think he has more than that. Sam tells Newlex that Sleaze loves him and that he knows that, and that Newlex loves him, too. Newlex thinks that if Sleaze loved him, he’d call. Sam tells him that Sleaze can’t call him, but he misses him. Newlex doesn’t believe that and thinks Sam is lying for him. Sam doesn’t know what to say, because Newlex is calling her on the fact that she has done that in the past.

Haleh, Morris, and a jazz ensemble are on stage at Ike Ryan’s. Haleh is singing my all-time favorite holiday song, next to The Waitresses’ “Christmas Wrapping”, “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”. She has a great voice and we haven’t heard her sing since the early days of ER. Morris is bopping along in the background and annoyingly pointing to someone in the audience, as the camera shows Ray sitting at a table with some people we’ve never seen before and Luka is at the bar. Singing goes into voiceover (VO) as we cut to …

Abby at Jumbo Mart grabbing a plastic souvenir Chicago skyline snowglobe and a gift bag. She pays the cashier and leaves as VO continues and we switch to …

A chessboard with pieces from the Nutcracker. Camera pulls back to show Chi-Chi and Jack at the table at the foot of his bed in the Curtain Area, playing chess. Then we are off to …

Newlex on the visitor side of the glass at the prison, with Sam standing behind him, looking up, concerned. Guard leads Sleaze in and Newlex goes to him and they hug. Sam watches with her arms folded and a resigned expression, as what sounds like another voice but might still be Haleh sings the next verse and we cut to …

Little Girl in surgery as Pratt and Rebecca watch. Door opens and Mr. Rebecca walks in, carrying a teddy bear. He and Rebecca embrace as we and the VO move on to …

Abby walking out into the Ambulance Bay, where the candlelight vigil for Little Girl is still going on. She continues through, looking at all the people gathered. As she walks past carrying the gift bag with a handle, she turns to look at them one more time, then keeps walking.

Close-up of Haleh and Morris on stage. Turns out it wasn’t Haleh singing all the verses after all, as Morris sings “Here we are as in Olden days …”. His voice is so high, he reminds me of Wayne Newton singing “Danke Shein”. He’s really good though, and I would so love to have a copy of their version of this song because their voices work well together.

Abby walks through Ike’s, patting Ray on the shoulder as she passes. She goes up to Luka, he says “hey” and she smiles and says “hi”, putting the gift bag in front of him on the bar. He smiles and asks “what’s this?” Closed Captioning reads that she says “I brought you a present”, but it really sounds like she’s telling him it’s “part of your present”. She tells him to open it as she puts her purse on the bar. He raises his eyebrows, still smiling, and does that “let’s see what this is” sigh, and opens the bag. He glances at her, then pulls out the snowglobe, and says jokingly, “Wow!” and grins. Then he laughs and thanks her, and she grins and says “you’re welcome”. Still laughing, he tells her “this beats what I got you”. I was a little disappointed here because I thought that she got the snowglobe to remind him of the really nice one that played “Greensleeves/What Child Is This” that he gave her as part of the Secret Santa gift exchange in “Hindsight”. Maybe she really didn’t know it was from him, I have remarked on her denseness before, though how she could miss the fact that he immediately turned it over and wound it so that the music played goes beyond her normal density. She’s got her right elbow on the bar and is resting her cheek in her hand, as he reaches behind him and pulls out the box he tried to give her earlier. He hands it to her and tells her to open it. She smiles and looks over at him, then opens it and takes out a gold round box. Luka watches her. She looks inside, tilts it back and forth a little and looking over at him, says questioningly “A compass?”, and raises an eyebrow at him. He smiles and tells her “I know it’s corny, but …it seems we always find each other”. Awww! That is one of the sweetest things I have ever heard. Although if they always find each other, why would she need the compass? Abby, looking again at the compass, nods, genuinely touched, then tenderly gazing at him, smiles and tells him “It’s beautiful”. He shrugs slightly, looks down a little shyly, then back up, watching her. She sighs, not looking at him, runs her hand over her face, and resting her cheek in her palm again, turns to him apprehensively and says “Can we talk?” Luka’s face falls, like he knows what’s coming and he’s expecting her to give him the brush off. He doesn’t answer right away and then says “yeah, sure”, and swallows. Then he asks her if she’s okay, and she replies “yeah”. Trying to smile, she says “Maybe go outside for a minute?” Luka nods and looks away, dejected, as she stands up and starts to walk away from the bar. He gathers up his coat and follows. As they walk towards the door, Abby is carrying the compass with both hands and looking nervous.

The musical interlude continues, Morris and Haleh are dancing up on stage, and he’s trying to copy her moves. Give it up, Morris because all you are really proving is that White Men Can’t Dance.

Abby and Luka go outside, and it’s snowing. As he starts to put on his coat, she jumps in “Okay”. She turns and starts to walk away, anxiously saying “I don’t know how to say this”. He says “What?” As she’s walking, she slightly turns towards him and tells him “Well, it’s just that these past few weeks have been really, you know …” and turning to face him declares honestly, “I … I couldn’t have imagined it better”. So Abby had been imagining them together, huh? Interesting, considering how long it’s been since they’d broken up and the relationships they’ve both had since then, but understandable because I imagine myself with Luka on a regular basis. Bitch. Not understanding where she’s going with this, he throws open his arms, nods, and says “For me too”. Still walking, she continues truthfully, “Yeah, I haven’t laughed so much or felt so good in a really, really long time”, and the way she says this, it sounds like she’s talking about more than a few years. And she is actually telling him how she feels, which is a nice change. Then with her back to him, she very worriedly says “and I don’t want to do anything to ruin that”. He stops her and turns her to him, holding up his hand and saying “Hey, you won’t. I promise”. She looks really scared as she says “Luka”. He says “Yeah?” She sighs and looks away saying “Oh, man”. He leans in a little towards her and quietly asks “What?” She looks at him and blurts out “I’m pregnant”. Wow. He looks dumbfounded. She watches him with an expression that is a cross between expectation and deer-caught-in-the-headlights, though since it’s this show, I should probably change that to antelope. Camera pulls back to show them standing on the sidewalk, staring at each other, as Haleh and Morris start up again in the background. And to ruin the moment for me, as Haleh sings “… upon the highest bow”, Morris chimes in “Sing it, child”, so that my last thought as this episode ends is, Shut up, Morris!

Well, obviously the reason that my Voodoo Doll wasn’t working was because I inadvertently bought a Fertility God thing instead. I am so getting my money back from “Which Witch”. It’s not my fault both have crazy-ass hair. And I guess I need to stop with the witch doctor stuff anyway, considering she’s now carrying the Lukaby. Bitch.

Okay, my armchair analysis of the Luka and Abby scenes in this episode. I wasn’t really surprised that she didn’t expect to be spending Christmas with him. She is used to being alone on Christmas. Since she got divorced, which is the entire time she’s been on the show, and even when she was seeing someone, she’s spent the holidays by herself. When she was with Luka, he went to Croatia to visit his father, and Carter went to Boston to be with his dad. And because she has such overly developed self-preservation skills, she never seems to presume anything either. So it makes sense to me that she would be a little surprised that he wanted to spend the day with her. I also think this is why she didn’t really have a gift for him, either. It would be making an assumption. I believe that growing up with Manic Maggie, she has probably had a fair share of disappointments associated with the holidays. She seemed genuinely surprised that Luka had a gift for her. I think she was reluctant to take it at first because when he came up behind her, it looked like she may have just received her pregnancy test results and hadn’t digested it yet. Then he threw her off-guard with the idea of spending Christmas day together. And when she finally accepted the present and he explained the significance of it, she was truly touched, which I think is what prompted her to tell him then about being pregnant. She also apparently really believes that her pregnancy is going to change things between them and seems absolutely afraid of losing what they have right now in this relationship which she is not only clearly enjoying, but also obviously means a lot to her. And the fact that she actually told him what she was feeling and about being pregnant shows how much not only has their relationship changed from the first time around, but how much she’s changed from when she was married to Richard and had an abortion without ever telling him. Again, just my two cents.

No new episodes for a few weeks, so a bit of a vacation for me. Thanks, ER. Hope everyone has wonderful holidays!!!